Containers for Change

Containers for Change


Every year in WA, we use 1.3billion drink containers. It is our responsibility to stop them from going to waste. We can now drop them off at a refund point and receive a 10c refund per container. They will then be turned into new products. This is good for the planet, the economy, the community and our wallet!

The scheme allows us, as a community group, to receive much-needed funds. So if you would like to pass your refund onto any of the hundreds of registered community groups, just just need to use their Scheme ID.

Our Scheme ID is C10327508

Container Refunder facilitate a pop-up refund point just minutes from Caversham Wildlife Park every Tuesday and Saturday from 9.30am to 4.00pm. You'll find them on Barrambie Way (off Starflower Road, just near Gnangara Road). Click here for map.

Thanks very much!

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