COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is spread from person to person through close contact and droplets, including direct contact with infected people, contact with droplets from an infected person’s cough or sneeze, and touching contaminated objects or surfaces and then touching your mouth or face. The most effective measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are good hygiene practices and physical distancing. As a community, we all need to remain vigilant with cleaning, personal hygiene and promoting hygiene practices throughout business operations.

Caversham Wildlife Park temporarily closed from March 30 2020 to June 5 2020 in order to do our part to protect our community. 


WA Government has implemented a staged lifting of COVID-19 restrictions based on the advice of the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee and the WA Department of Health.


From 6 June 2020, we move into Phase 3 of the easing of restrictions. This phase allows us to open while applying the following:

  • up to 100 patrons per single undivided space, up to a maximum of 300 patrons per premises (excluding staff)
  • 2 square metre rule
  • physical distancing, ensuring 1.5m distance from others 
  • good hygiene
  • taking patron attendance to comply with Contact Tracing requirements

We were granted an exemption from the 300 patron rule, allowing us a Maximum Capacity of 1000 patrons in the park at one time.


From June 27th 2020, we move into Phase 4 of the easing of restrictions. This phase sees the removal of the 100/300 rule. We can therefore allow more patrons into single undivided indoor spaces, whilst complying with the 2 square metre rule. 

We are no longer required to take patron attendance.


COVID Safety Plan

We have implemented a COVID Safety Plan to help ensure the business actively mitigates the risk of COVID-19 in line with the best available health advice, to as far as reasonably practicable ensure the health and safety of workers, patrons and others at the premises. 


  • COVID Safety Plan and risk management 
  • Maintain strict physical distancing
  • Regular and thorough cleaning schedule
  • Hand-wash and hand-sanitizer facilities
  • Staff training 


We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone displaying flu-like symptoms.

We reserve the right to remove anyone from the park who is not adhering to the health measures put in place.



  • Managing shared spaces and points of congregation
  • Implementing one-way traffic flow and using signage and barriers to direct and manage traffic flow
  • Having dedicated entrances and exits
  • Reconfiguring venue layout and placement of equipment
  • Reducing the amount of seating available


In order to serve, engage with, and keep patrons safe, staff may need to move within 1.5m. This should be avoided in the first instance, but if unavoidable, staff should:

  • Avoid direct contact
  • Minimize face to face time
  • Wash hands immediately and thoroughly in the event of direct contact
  • Courtesy Vehicle pick-ups are temporarily suspended 


Visitor animal interactions have been carefully assessed to ensure physical distancing and hygiene can be maintained. The following measures have been put in place:

  • The use of bollards and one-way systems ensures linear flow
  • Floor markers maintain 1.5m distance in queues 
  • Hand-sanitizer stations at all attractions
  • Sneeze-guards installed at wombat photo station  
  • Touching of animals at Wombat & Friends is temporarily suspended.
  • Where visitors are permitted to touch an animal, they are required to sanitise their hands before and after
  • Increase in high-touch cleaning

Animal encounters/interactive experiences are only facilitated where physical distancing and hygiene can be maintained.