Koalas In Care

December 2019

Our generous visitors helped us raise $2060 for KIC.

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Throughout November 2019, bushfires raged throughout New South Wales where up to 2million hectares is now destroyed, and Queensland where approx 200,000 hectares is now destroyed.

This bushfire emergency has had a devastating impact on Australian wildlife and its’ habitat.

In particular, up to 80% of vital koala habitat has been destroyed.

Thousands of koalas have been killed and hundreds have been left severely burnt, injured, dehydrated, sick and without food or shelter. 

In true Aussie spirit, a considerable amount of money has been donated to the larger animal hospitals and care groups. We therefore chose to support a smaller not-for-profit local care group – everyday people, on the ground on a daily basis, doing what they can to help.

Koalas In Care Inc has been operating in Taree, NSW, since 2005. Founders, Christeen and Paul have devoted their lives to caring for koalas since 1993.

As they receive no government assistance, they rely solely upon donations.

Along with their small but dedicated team of volunteers, they provide a 24 hour rescue service, treat and care for koalas from tiny joeys through to old age, and rehabilitate and release.

And they have been kept extra busy caring for burnt, dehydrated and sick koalas affected by the fires. Donations go towards medical supplies and other expenses needed to care for the koalas in their care.  

You can keep up-to-date with their efforts here: