Freshwater Crocodile


scientific name

Crocodylus johnstoni

conservation status

Least Concern


Approximately 50 Years


40 - 70 Kilograms


Fish are their main food source, they also feed on a wide range of other small animals including; insects, spiders, small mammals and small reptiles.


They are shy animals found in freshwater inland creeks, rivers and billabongs in the northern half of Australia.

Freshwater crocodiles are small relatives of the well-known salt water crocodile, reaching an average of 2 meters in length and a maximum of 3 meters. It takes 20 years for a juvenile to grow to its maximum size, although growth will continue at a slower rate throughout its life, making it hard to predict a maximum size. Unlike the saltwater crocodile, freshwater crocodiles breed during the dry season, the female burrows in the sand, laying up to 20 eggs that are then covered by sand. Once hatched the young crocodiles will stay near their mother for a number of weeks before gradually dispersing off to fend for themselves.