Lace Monitor


scientific name

Varanus varius


Approximately 20 Kilograms


Their diet is broad and varied including birds, insects, bird eggs, reptiles, small mammals and carrion; and after a large feed they are able to go for multiple weeks without food.


Lace monitors are usally found in both open and closed forests and forage over long distances

Their tails can be anywhere up to twice the length of the head and body combined. These lizards are predominantly arboreal with toes that are equipped with long, strong claws for climbing. Female lace monitors lay 6-12 eggs each year, usually in termite mounds, particularly those found in trees. The female will excavate a hole in the side of the termite mound, lay the eggs, and leave the termites to reseal the eggs inside. It is believed the mother is aware of when the eggs are due to hatch, and will return to the termite mound to excavate a hole so the baby monitors can escape.