Olive Python


scientific name

Liasis olivaceus

conservation status



Adults can consume mammals as large as rock wallabies, but will also feed on birds, reptiles and frogs.


Olive pythons are found in arid to sub-humid climates, often along water courses, across northern Australia, from Western Australia to Queensland.

They are mainly nocturnal and during the day will shelter in rock crevices and hollows. They are great swimmers and will hunt in water courses. Once they catch prey they kill it by wrapping their coils around it so that the animal suffocates because it can no longer draw in air (constriction). They can attain a maximum length of 6.5 meters with average lengths of approximately 3-4 meters. The Olive Python has a very high mid-body scale count of 61–72 scales. This makes the python’s skin look smoother than other species.