Swamp Wallaby


scientific name

Wallabia bicolor

conservation status

Least Concern


15 Years


15 - 20 Kilograms


They feed on grasses, shrubs and ferns.


The Swamp Wallaby is found along the East coast of Australia – Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, in woodland, brigalow scrub and coastal heath.

Typically, wallabies have 16 chromosomes; however Swamp Wallabies differ to this – males have 11 and females have 10. Zoologists classify this wallaby as the only member of the genus Wallabia. Swamp Wallabies breed at any time of year. Females start to mate when they are already pregnant, so that their pregnancies overlap. Joeys remain in the pouch for 9 months and mature at the age of 15-18 months.