Western Grey Kangaroo


scientific name

Macropus fuliginosus

conservation status

Least Concern


28 - 54 Kilograms


They feed on vegetation, including grasses, leaves and shrubs.


Western Grey Kangaroos are found in Southern Australia including the South West around Perth, in open forest, coastal heathland, mallee scrubland and woodlands.

Being marsupials, the female has a pouch where she carries her young. The young are called joeys. The gestation is very short; around one month (33 days). When the peanut-sized joey is born, it is blind and furless. It crawls from the womb to the pouch and attaches to one of four nipples. It will finish developing inside the pouch, whilst suckling milk, for around 9 months. A group of kangaroos is called a mob. The hind feet are extremely powerful enabling travel at speeds as fast as 65kph (40mph).