Australian Wildlife Conservancy

February 2016

Our generous visitors helped us raise $500 for the AWC.

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The Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) was founded right here in Perth back in 1991 by Martin Copley, a British-born Australian conservationist and philanthropist (1940-2014). Today AWC is the largest private owner of land for conservation across the country. They own and manage 23 properties with a combined area of over 3.15 million hectares. 

The AWC estate protects a very high proportion of Australia’s terrestrial biodiversity including;71% of all terrestrial mammal species, 86% of all terrestrial bird species and around 50% of all reptile and frog species.

Major success stories within the AWC sanctuaries are with Bilbies, Bridled Nail-tail Wallabies, Woylies and Numbats of which it protects the largest populations outside of National Parks.

The scale at which AWC undertakes practical land management activities such as fire management and feral animal control is unique within Australia.

You can check out some of the great work being done by the program via their website.