Friends of the Western Ground Parrot

July & August 2016

Our generous visitors helped us raise $470 for Friends of the Western Ground Parrot.

WGPlogo2The Western Ground Parrot is one of the most endangered parrot species in the world. There are thought to only be around 140 individuals left in the wild; they are endemic to Western Australia.

The Friends of the Western Ground Parrot group was formed in 2003 by a handful of concerned south coast residents that were worried about the parrot’s decline and aimed to help gain the community’s support.

The nocturnal WGP (Pezoporus flaviventris) was once found in a coastal strip from Lancelin north of Perth to the South Australian border in the East, favouring unburnt low heathland that contains a variety of plant species. Today they are known only from the Esperance national park of Cape Arid and possibly Cape Le Grand.

An extremely hard species to survey in the field, the donations help the Volunteers of the Western Ground Parrot team survey other potential sites by on-ground surveys at dawn as well as the use of camera traps in areas thought to be frequently by the species.

Learn more about the inspiring work being done by Friends of the Western Ground Parrot here: