WA Seabird Rescue

December 2017

Our generous visitors helped us raise $522.20 for WA Seabird Rescue 

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WA Seabird Rescue’s (WASR) home-based wildlife rehabilitators and rescuers care for more than 400 birds a year from across the state with carers in Perth, Mandurah, Albany and other south-west coastal towns.

The WASR team specialise in seabirds and waterbirds with a range of species being cared for ranging from tiny Storm-petrels to Pelicans, Swans, Penguins, Ducks, Albatrosses and Herons.

The core objectives of the organisation are;

      To rescue and rehabilitate orphaned and injured seabirds and waterbirds

      To raise awareness of the threats faced by seabirds and waterbirds, and educate the public about what can be done to prevent their suffering

      To educate recreational anglers in ways to prevent injury to seabirds while fishing

WASR is staffed entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers, and relies solely on donations.

You can show your support for WASR via their website - https://www.wasr.org.au/

Keep up to date on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/search/str/western+australian+seabird+rescue/keywords_search