Australian Quoll Conservancy

August 2018

 Our generous visitors helped us raise $662 for the AQC

The AQC is a not for profit community based organisation focused on the conservation of quolls across Australia.

Quolls are the largest carnivorous marsupials found on the Australian mainland. There are 4 species of quolls in Australia, all of which have experienced drastic declines in population including many local extinctions. In many parts of Australia, this worrying trend continues and has resulted in all four species of quolls in Australia being classified by either state or federal governments as being endangered of becoming extinct.

Established in October 2014 the AQC is dedicated to the conservation of all four of Australia’s Quoll Species, particularly the race “gracilis” of the spotted tailed quoll in North QLD. The AQC is based in Cairns, North QLD however they strive to promote and support conservation efforts undertaken by conservation groups across Australia.

The AQC is active in a range of conservation projects, including the following:

  • Mapping the current population and distribution of STQs in FNQ. This is estimated to take up to 3 years. 
  • Monitoring and researching of existing quoll populations. 
  • Purchase of land critical to quoll conservation, including corridors. 
  • Establish captive breeding populations of northern spotted tailed quolls. 
  • Re-introduce quolls to former habitat with the intention of restoring the population and range of these animals. 

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